Lady Antebellum Announces Name Change – Then Sues Blues Singer ‘Lady A’ Over Her Name


Last month, the country band formerly known as Lady Antebellum announced they would be changing their name to Lady A.

Now, the group has filed a lawsuit against Seattle-based blues artist Anita White, who has been performing under the same moniker.

Band Formerly Known as Lady Antebellum Announce Name Change to Drop Slavery Association

The country group — comprised of Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley, and Dave Haywood — apparently didn’t do their research when they first named themselves (and, well, I guess they forgot to do their research again).

The name change came about as larger conversations concerning racism in America are coming to the forefront. The band released a statement that they would drop the word “antebellum” from their name, after realizing the word’s association to slavery. Yes, “antebellum” — as in, the pre-Civil War period of history of the Southern US.

They didn’t realize the word’s association to slavery?

In any case, they issued an apology, saying they were embarrassed that they didn’t take the word’s implications into consideration sooner.

In an effort to distance themselves from confederate romanticism, they opted for the much shorter “Lady A.”

Unfortunately for the country band, there’s already been a singer using that name for years now. So, they either didn’t do their research, or they thought it wouldn’t matter. And now it’s Lady A versus Lady A.

The other Lady A is blues singer Anita White, based out of Seattle. She’s been releasing music under that name for more than two decades. Not only that, but she also played in a Motown group called Lady A & the Baby Blues Funk band for 18 years before going solo, and she operates Lady A Productions.

The band publicly admitted they had no idea the name was already in use.

Country Band Tries to Strong-Arm Blues Artist Into Trademark Agreement

Instead of changing their name again, they were really hoping Anita would just let them have it.

The band’s publicist claimed that Anita and the group had settled things, saying, “They have agreed that both should continue to move forward as Lady A.”

But Anita’s side of the story sounded a little different, as she claimed they hadn’t reached an agreement at that point.

At the time, she told news outlet KING 5, “I feel that it’s not right that they can come and decide that they want to use this name and take it from me because now it feels like another knee on my neck.”

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“Today we are sad to share that our sincere hope to join together with Anita White in unity and common purpose has ended,” the group now claims. “She and her team have demanded a $10 million payment, so reluctantly we have come to the conclusion that we need to ask a court to affirm our right to continue to use the name Lady A, a trademark we have held for many years.”

I guess they’re saying that because Anita never challenged them back in 2010 after they used Lady A on some stuff, she has no right to tell them they can’t use it — even though she was using it well before them.

You know, they could just pick a different name — one that doesn’t glorify slavery and isn’t being used by another arist. Is the name “Lady Karen” taken?