‘Tiger King’ Sues for $94 Million From Prison Over Huge Conspiracy


Joe Exotic, the wildly eccentric tiger breeder featured in the popular Netflix docuseries ‘Tiger King’, is now suing from prison.

And why? He says that there is a huge conspiracy behind his imprisonment. He also says the conspiracy led to his mother’s death.

Joe Exotic of  ‘Tiger King’ Fame Claims He Was Falsely Arrested and Imprisoned

If you haven’t heard of Netflix’s ‘Tiger King’ series, you soon will, and beware–there are spoilers ahead. Joe Exotic’s real name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage, and he is one of the biggest names that exist in the big cat business.

During this crazy time of lockdowns and empty shelves, it’s only fitting we’d all turn to one of the craziest stories to ever grace our screens. “Tiger King” reminds us that even when we’re low on TP and our pet food order is delayed, there’s always someone living an even more chaotic existence.

Exotic used to run a popular zoo in Oklahoma. Then, police found him guilty of a murder-for-hire plot in 2019. However, Exotic says there’s more to the story. He says that he is a victim of malicious prosecution and discrimination.

To be exact, Exotic is suing the U.S. Federal Wildlife Service and the U.S. Department of Interior for adding the “generic tiger” on the endangered species list. He says that they did so solely to put people like him out of business. He says it equated to them “stealing my property and promoting an animal rights agenda.”

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Joe Exotic Alleges That Homosexuality Made Him a Target

Not only is Exotic claiming that businesses like his were being specifically targeted, but he also believes he was “discriminated against because he is the only person charged with this statute because [he] is an openly gay male with the largest collection of generic tigers and crossbreeds.”

If you’ve seen the Netflix series, you know that Exotic has had many lovers and husbands over his lifetime. One of his husbands, Travis Maldonado, passed away on Friday, October 6, 2017.

He is asking for $78,840,000 in the lawsuit for loss of personal property and the 18 years he spent working with tigers. He’ll also go after a few other people involved in his case, including Jeff Lowe, his former business partner. He says that Lowe lied to the feds and planted evidence against him.

Exotic is also accusing another former colleague of being an informant. He said that everything that happened helped to contribute to the passing of his mother, Shirley. For that, he is seeking an additional $15 million.

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