Snoop Dogg Mocks Kanye’s New Yeezy Slides


Is Kanye making jail slippers for kids now? That’s what Snoop Dogg thinks. Read on to find out what Snoop had to say about Ye and Kim K!

Jail Slippers

Snoop Dogg compared the new Yeezy slides to jail slippers–and honestly, he’s not wrong. Snoop Dogg made fun of the design on Twitter, referencing Kim Kardashian’s philanthropy work, which included her getting people out of jail, as ammo in the mockery.

“She been getting dudes out of jail now he gone sell jail slippers,” followed by some laughing-crying emojis appeared on Snoop Dogg’s Twitter feed in regards to the new Yeezy slide design for kids.

The Yeezy Line and Yeezy Slides

The new slides have a wide opening around the toe bed with an elongated upper support strap that extends to the ankle. The muted colors the new slides will come in (if they go to market) include olive green, tan, and beige.

Kanye's kids slides jail shoes

Twitter is blowing up with comments, including one post stating the slides are what you get at the county jail. Another speculated that Kanye West was about to sell everyone $2 prison slippers for $500.

Snoop Dogg isn’t the only one mocking the Kanye West branded Yeezy slides after his wife, Kim Kardashian, shared a video on Instagram Stories of their kids sporting the new slides. The new slides have yet to hit the market–and after the latest mockery, it’s unknown if they ever will, or how much they’ll cost.

Who are we kidding?! Of course Kanye won’t be discouraged by a little internet dragging. It’s all just free publicity for his ugly shoes.

Ugly Shoes, Big Business

Kanye was previously trolled for the Yeezy Foam Runner design, with people saying they were uglier than Crocs and dubbing them the Yeezy Crocs. The line has seen mockery from people all over and has some wondering why anyone buys things just because they have a famous persons’ name on them.

Regardless of the trolling and clapback, the Yeezy line is set to make $1.5 billion in sales in 2019 even with people calling the designs ridiculous.