Jennifer Aniston’s Weird Kissing Scene Request with Adam Sandler in ‘Murder Mystery’


In the new Netflix movie ‘Murder Mystery’, Jennifer Aniston had only one request in her kissing scene with longtime friend Adam Sandler – and no, it wasn’t that he actually use body wash before filming, despite how he always looks like he could use a shower.

Aniston, 50, requested that Sandler, 52, use beard oil on his facial hair before she would consider going near it. She said she wanted it to be “conditioned” when her lips touched it, which makes sense. Kissing your good friend while dozens of crew watch is awkward enough; Aniston was just trying to make it as comfortable as possible for her.

jennifer aniston weird kissing scene request feat

Sandler said the scene wasn’t as awkward as he had expected, but his wife and kids were on set the day of filming. Apparently, his wife was encouraging him from off stage, yelling “Kiss her harder!”. Sandler added that his family loved her, and they had been close for a long time.

Is Murder Mystery Any Good?

In 2014 Adam Sandler made the news as he signed a four-movie deal with Netflix in conjunction with his movie production company, Happy Madison. In 2017 the deal was extended through to add another four movies. None of his movies with Netflix have gotten good reviews so far, so don’t be surprised as you continue to read.

Murder Mystery has been slammed by critics as lazy, uninspired, and just plain awful. The story follows Sandler, who is an NYC cop that couldn’t pass the detectives test if the answers were sitting right in front of him. He lies to his wife, Aniston, about passing anyone, and they take a European vacation they can’t afford to celebrate this lie. On the plane, Aniston meets a rich man who invites the couple onto a yacht, where a murder goes down. Shockingly, solving the murder ends up being Sandler’s responsibility.

Why Does Adam Sandler Keep Making Bad Movies?

This is the real question. Murder Mystery has only 43% on Rotten Tomatoes. The Ridiculous 6 (2015), another Netflix movie, has a shocking 0%, and The Do-Over (2016) has only 10%. So why is Sandler apparently trashing his career for the streaming company?

Sandler keeps doing it because Netflix pays. A huge chunk of what he makes every year comes from the streaming platform that is desperately trying to solidify itself as a cable alternative and real movie producer. Netflix swears that despite critic reviews, Sandler brings a huge audience to Netflix and is worth the money, claiming critics are out of touch with what the viewers want.

Whether that is true or not, it doesn’t make Murder Mystery a better movie. Hopefully, Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler are still friends after all the reviews are on.