Michael Rapaport Urges Parents to ‘Get your f—ing kids inside!’

Instagram | michaelrapaport

Michael Rapaport is clearly sick and tired of people minimizing the severity of the coronavirus spread. In response to people’s lackadaisical attitude to the virus, the star of Atypical posted a scathing rant on social media–and boy, he didn’t hold back.

You might not want to watch the video with any children present; just saying.

‘Get your f—king kids inside!’ Says Michael Rapaport in Social Media Rant

Rapaport posted a video on Instagram using a cellular phone. He expresses disappointment that neither parents nor children are doing enough to protect people.

He captioned the video with the following:

“Public Service Announcement to Parents–PARENTS, get your f—king kids in the house. Stop asking. Stop being guilt ridden make your own choice Parents. Go get them NOW.

New Fully Disruptive @iamrapaport is going live now.”

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Full Transcript of Michael Rapaport’s Social Media Rant About the Coronavirus Spread

Here is the full transcript of his warning to parents. Read at your own risk:

“Parents, go outside and grab your f—in’ kids by the neck. If you have sons, grab your daughters by the little wedgie, and drag them the f— inside, alright? Motherf—ers still don’t wanna listen, and people are still like ‘Please come inside.’ Get your kids, go get your f—in’ kids, wherever they are.”

“They’re not going to hang with their friend. Now you need to get on some tough, old-school, 1930s sh–t. Parents, be responsible for your f—in’ kids.”

He then shifted his attention to adults in general before going back to lambasting parents for not taking more action to keep their kids and others safe.

“Get your little dirty, f—in’ grubby, selfish, YOLO, f—in’ dumb, tattooed faces in the f—in’ house. Parents, get your f—in’ kids. Remember that old PSA back in the ’70s? ‘It’s 9 a.m., do you know where your kids are?’ This s—‘s 24-7. Get your f—in’ kids in the f—in’ house.”

“Don’t ask. Don’t be nice. ‘Where are you, Jeff? Donna? Tracy, what are you guys doing?’ They’re out giving motherf—ers diseases and catching diseases. This nice guy s—? It’s done. Get your kids in the f—in’ house.”

The actor did admit that kids could be a handful at times, saying “I know they’re f—in’ annoying,” before ending his rant.

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