Amanda Bynes Could Lose Custody of Her Baby, Mom Is ‘Furious’


For every Mandy Moore or Ryan Gosling–child stars who managed to grow up relatively well-adjusted and transition to adult fame–there’s a Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan. And, perhaps most heartbreaking of all, Amanda Bynes.

The formerly vibrant star has struggled with her mental health and substance abuse issues for over a decade. Today, as Amanda celebrates her 34th birthday, her mom reveals that she’s deeply worried for her daughter.

The Story So Far…

In case you missed the most recent round of tabloid headlines, here’s the scoop:

On Valentine’s Day this year, Amanda announced her engagement to Paul Michael, whom she met in Alcoholics Anonymous. Three weeks later, she announced that they’d broken up–and then, that they were back together and she was pregnant.


AA strongly discourages newly sober people from sparking new romances–especially with each other. Between the age gap (she’s in her mid-thirties, he’s in his twenties) and the substance abuse, it didn’t seem like the best possible relationship. But there was one more major obstacle between the two lovebirds.

Amanda has been living under a conservatorship (just like Britney) since 2014. Following a public breakdown, she was placed on a psychiatric hold, and since then, she’s been in and out of sober living facilities and rehab clinics. Legally, her mom has the right to nix any marriage plans.

“Paul realized the relationship just couldn’t go forward because of the obstacles of the conservatorship and Amanda must live at a sober living facility,” an insider told “US Weekly.”

Her Mom Is Not Happy

Amanda’s conservators are her parents, and the grandma-to-be is reportedly “furious” at her daughter.

“Amanda’s mom is furious she is pregnant as treating her mental health issues has become complicated,” a source told “Us Weekly.” “Amanda doesn’t want to take some of the meds because of dangers to [her] baby.”

Custody of the baby might be a tricky legal problem, too. Amanda does not have the right to make decisions for herself or her child. That means her parents and former fiancé will have legal custody of the baby. However, it’s also possible that social workers could get involved in the case.

Could She Have Been Helped?

Although Amanda says that she’s been sober for over a year, her fans have been concerned about the former child star’s mental health. Her decision to DIY a couple of heart tattoos on her face was a big red flag. The quickie engagement/breakup/pregnancy timeline was another.

Honestly, all parents and managers of child stars should have to memorize the 7 signs of depression before the kids receive a paycheck. We’ve seen the negative impact of fame and fortune far too many times. Amanda experienced a series of meltdowns and arrests for years before being finally diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

We can only hope that Amanda is able to find her way to a happy, healthy place in her life.