Justin Bieber Files $20M Defamation Lawsuit Against Sexual Assault Accusers


Justin Bieber is taking some social media accusations pretty seriously.

The 26-year-old singer is now taking legal action against two anonymous women who accused him of sexual assault.

Justin Bieber Files Lawsuit Against Two ‘Jane Does’

On Thursday, Bieber filed a $20 million defamation lawsuit against two Jane Does. Their identities are anonymous, save for their Twitter handles and the names they went by on social media: @danielleglvn or “Danielle,” and @ItsnotKadi or “Kadi.”

According to Bieber’s lawyers, the accusations against him are “factually impossible.”

They say they can prove the claims false with indisputable evidence.

And although the accusations came from two separate Twitter accounts, the suit points out that it could have been the same person using two accounts.

The lawsuit states that the claims from ‘Danielle’ and ‘Kadi’ are false.

The first accusation came from Danielle, who alleged that she was assaulted by the singer back in 2014.

The claim: When she was 21 and Bieber was 20, Danielle met him at an event in Texas. Someone invited her and her friends back to the pop star’s hotel on March 9, 2014. She says Bieber sexually assaulted her there.

Bieber’s Lawyers Disprove False Claims

“Bieber did not stay at that hotel in March 2014 and there are multiple witnesses and documentary evidence to dispute Danielle’s malicious lie.”

It also points out that Danielle contradicts the claims in prior written statements. They believe that the claims’ only support comes from fake texts.

Kadi tweeted that on May 5, 2015, “around 2:30 am, I was invited… to Bieber’s hotel (Langham hotel)” in New York City.

However, Bieber was actually at the Met Gala after-party during that time, with dozens of witnesses.

The lawsuit points out that Kadi is a Bieber “superfan, a Belieber.” Fans of the longtime pop superstar have always been called “Beliebers.”

It also claims she is “desperate to meet him and desperate for his attention and for fame.”

“The allegations are factually impossible, revealing and evidencing beyond any doubt that her social media post and allegations are a complete fabrication,” the filing says.

Before the filing, Bieber had publicly responded to Danielle’s claims. In a series of Tweets, he refuted the allegations with numerous photos, news links, and receipts.

Bieber did not publicly respond to the second set of allegations before filing the lawsuit. Check back soon for further updates on this lawsuit.