Bob Barker in Strict Self-Isolation, Family Is Worried


Considering that Bob Barker is 96-years-old, both family and friends alike are worried for him as the coronavirus continues to spread across the United States.

With some celebrities already falling ill to the virus, it’s no surprise that people are concerned about the health of some of our older, most-beloved celebrities like Bob Barker and Betty White.

Bob Barker in Strict Self-Isolation Thanks to Coronavirus

Sources connected to Bob Barker say that the former ‘The Price is Right’ host is currently in self-isolation at his home in Los Angeles. They say he’s doing okay, and he’s apparently quite skilled already in the art of self-quarantine.

Because of his age, he has been practicing self-isolation for his own health for a while now, but the coronavirus is forcing him to be even more strict about it. In fact, his family is now barring people from visiting, and no one is allowed to be in the home except those already in quarantine with him.

His family is also making sure that he stays healthy by eating properly and that his medical needs are taken care of. It wasn’t that long ago that he had to be transported to a hospital after slipping and falling in his home, after all. In other words, it’s pretty much business as usual.

However, there has been one change for Bob Barker throughout all of this. While he’d normally watch sports at home, he’s now focusing on a lot of older movies. Especially older movies that involve the military. This isn’t surprising since Bob was in the Navy and really enjoys war flicks in general.

Thankfully, Bob Barker is doing just fine while in quarantine and hopefully, that continues. For other elderly folks, such as those who are managing afib, it can be incredibly helpful being able to stay at home with family nearby.

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Bob Barker Turns 96, Is Surprised With a Special Birthday Message From Drew Carey

It wasn’t that long ago when Bob Barker turned 96-years-old. He celebrated his last birthday on December 12, 2019. Barker is best remembered for hosting “The Price is Right” for an incredible 35 years, starting in 1972.

He is also well-known for how he ended each show, saying, “Have your pets spayed and neutered!” The studio where “The Price is Right” is recorded is now named after Barker.

Drew Carey took over the show in 2007. The show lovingly saluted Bob Barker with a very special birthday message on Twitter.

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