We’re still not over the cringe-worthy horror of those celebrities singing “Imagine” on Instagram. After that textbook example of how to do everything wrong, Lizzo is here to teach those fools a thing or two.

Celebrity Activism Can Go So, So Bad

When celebrities become activists, so many things can go wrong. Some stars take the time to educate themselves about issues, such as Emma Watson, or put themselves on the front line, as Jane Fonda has been doing in her climate change protests. But many famous folks are content to put up an Instagram video and move on with their day.

The issue is even more magnified now because celebrities have literally nothing to do other than post on social media. They’re just as bored and lonely as the rest of us who are self-isolating. But unlike normal people, celebrities are used to being adored. That’s how you end up with disasters like the “Imagine” video.

Lizzo Is ‘Good as Hell’

Why can’t celebrities be more like Lizzo? During this time of global crisis, she’s posting free flute concerts and guided meditation sessions on Instagram for her fans. She’s taking on TikTok for their size discrimination, showing how the app filters content from plus-size users. And, even better, she’s sending free lunches to emergency room staff at hospitals across the country.

On Tuesday, Lizzo posted a heartfelt message of thanks on Instagram to the staff of the Henry Ford Hospital at the University of Washington.

“Shout out to all of y’all for being so brave and working so hard, making sure that we’re safe and healthy and healing people. That is incredible. You guys are heroes. And so the least I could do was send you some lunch,” she told the doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers.

Free Food for Everybody!

That wasn’t the only hospital who received a free meal from the superstar. M Health Fairview in Minneapolis, Minnesota, also got a surprise delivery of goodies.

“She sent several hospitals food that were hit really hard for staff working around the clock,” Lizzo’s publicist told the Times. “She is planning to send food to more hospitals as well.”

No word on what kind of food she had delivered to the hospitals. The staff from both facilities posted their thanks on social media, and they looked delighted. Hopefully there were some snacks low in sugar and fat to keep our medical heroes healthy!

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