Catching Up with the Most Famous ‘Mickey Mouse Club’ Alumni


In the early 90s, The All-New Mickey Mouse Club churned out more major stars than almost any other TV show in history. These former Mouseketeers have managed to stay in the spotlight for over two decades. Who would have guessed that they’d win major acting awards and sell millions of albums?

Keri Russell

Disney/Wikimedia Commons

Keri Russell was 15 years old when she debuted as a Mouseketeer, making her a little bit old than the other performers. She starred on the show for 3 years before moving on. Later, she (and her trademark curly locks) would star on Felicity and then the Cold War spy drama The Americans.
Keri fell in love with her onscreen husband, Matthew Rhys. The couple share a son, Sam, as well as two children from Keri’s previous marriage.

JC Chasez

Disney/Wikimedia Commons

If you were a preteen girl in the 90s, then you don’t need me to tell you about JC Chasez. Along with another Mickey Mouse Club alumn, he joined *NSYNC and became a boy-band superstar.

What you might not know is that JC was incredibly shy as a kid. Performing on stage or screen helped him break out of his shell, and he’s been in the spotlight ever since. Since *NSYNC broke up, JC has continued to write, produce, and perform music.

Christina Aguilera

Disney/Wikimedia Commons

Aww, look at little baby Christina? The singer has gone through more phases than most people, but she seems to have settled into a more natural persona that looks a lot like her teenage self. Christina was already making a name for herself as a performer in her native Pittsburgh when she tried her luck on Star Search. Although she didn’t win, the producers of The Mickey Mouse Club were impressed enough to offer a spot on the show.

Now, she judges other talent contestant hopefuls on The Voice. She’s come full circle!

Ryan Gosling

Disney/Wikimedia Commons

I’m just going to say it: Ryan Gosling was a goofy-looking kid. He landed his first acting gig on The Mickey Mouse Club in 1993, but the producers apparently didn’t think he had the acting chops to keep up with the other cast members.

Of course, Ryan grew up, found his swagger, and became one of the most acclaimed actors of his generation. Take that, Mickey!

Justin Timberlake

Disney/Wikimedia Commons

Little JTT was only a Mouseketeer from 1993-1994, but he made a big impact. Later, he would team up with JC Chasez to form *NSYNC.

Even if he had never done anything else, he’d still be one of the most successful Mickey Mouse Club alumni. But Justin went on to have an incredible solo career as a musician as well as an actor. After his high-profile romance with Britney and a few years as a Hollywood playboy, he settled down with his wife, Jessica Biel, and started a family.

Britney Spears

Disney/Wikimedia Commons

Look, we all know that Britney has been through some things. The adorable little 12-year-old star of The Mickey Mouse Club had already starred in an off-Broadway play and wowed judges on Star Search. For a while, Britney ruled the world. But that level of fame—and working non-stop since she was in elementary school—took a toll on Brit-Brit.

Now that she’s back on her feet, Britney is co-parenting her 2 boys for ex-hubby Kevin Federline and packing the house at her Las Vegas show.