Ralph Lauren might be considered one of the most famous fashion designers of all time, but he confesses that he “hates fashion.”

The big name in fashion makes that shocking confession in an upcoming documentary on HBO titled Very Ralph.

ralph lauren hates fashion in new documentary

Ralph Lauren is Synonymous With Fashion

Ralph Lauren has become synonymous with fashion. In fact, the designer’s name has become so big that he has collected quite a cult celebrity following, working with people like model Taylor Hill and Jessica Chastain on various campaigns. His fashion line has attracted celebrities such as Hillary Clinton, Anna Wintour, and Audrey Hepburn.

“Ralph conjures up all the things I most care about,” Audrey Hepburn was filmed saying, while wearing a black Ralph Lauren tuxedo at an event in 1992.

Ralph Lauren began taking over American fashion in the early 70’s, famed for preppy sportswear and tailoring that we’ve all come to associate with the brand. Now, the namesake brand is one of the largest apparel empires, which also includes labels such as Polo Ralph Lauren and Ralph Lauren Purple Label.

Ralph Lauren’s reputation is such that he even appeared in the hit tv series Friends as himself. The ever-popular Rachel Green worked at his company for several seasons during the sitcom.

As revealed in the upcoming documentary, though, the infamous designer himself says that he is just not that into fashion.

Ralph Lauren Says He Hates Fashion

“I hate fashion,” Lauren has been quoted as saying. “I never thought of myself as a fashion designer. It was more about timeless things I liked – and values.”

Lauren cares more about concepts than the designs. Those timeless items and values are what inspired him. It doesn’t take a psychic reader to predict that this is the key to longevity, though. In a world of fads and fast fashion, there is something to be said for paying more attention to those values.

Lauren also talks about being rejected in his early career.

After spending some time working at Brooks Brothers, Lauren applied for a role at Saks 5th Avenue. Even after offering to work for free in order to prove himself, the company apparently turned him down.

“I don’t know what happened to that person who interviewed me,” Lauren said, “but I’m still here.”

It’s safe to say that it all worked out in his favor, considering that his empire is currently worth around $6 billion.