Dog the Bounty Hunter Engaged 10 Months After Late Wife’s Death


Dog the Bounty Hunter is officially engaged.

The engagement comes only 10 months after his late wife, Beth Chapman, passed away.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Confirmed Engagement to Girlfriend Francie Frane

The reality TV star, whose real name is actually Duane Lee Chapman, confirmed that he is engaged to girlfriend Francie Frane.

Dog previously sparked engagement rumors earlier this year, after an appearance on The Dr. Oz Show. The reality star was seen asking longtime friend Moon Angell to marry him. The pair have known each other for quite some time, as Moon Angell was once Beth Chapman’s assistant and best friend.

Before that, Dog had been spending a lot of time with Moon, which sparked rumors and false reports that the pair were dating. The rumors didn’t sit well with Dog’s daughter, Lyssa Chapman, who called Moon a “disgusting woman” and ignited a Twitter feud.

Dog himself went on record to say that he’d promised his late wife that he wouldn’t ever get married again. Beth passed away in late June 2019 at the age of 51, after battling throat cancer.

But now, only 10 months later, Dog is set to tie the knot again.

Dog Wants the ‘Biggest Wedding There’s Ever Been’

He shared the details of his proposal in an interview with The Sun, and says he wants to have the “biggest wedding there’s ever been.”

Dog and fiancée Francie are planning on waiting until after lockdown to have the wedding. They want the whole family to be there to share in their day, including Dog’s 12 children, Francie’s 2 kids, plus their grandchildren.

That’s not a big enough ceremony for the reality TV star, though. Dog hopes to hand out plenty more invites — to the “Dog Pound,” aka his fans.

“I’ve had so many fans ask ‘When you marry Francie, are you going to let your fans come?” Dog told The Sun. “I’m sorry but that’s just me. I hope I can talk Francie into it and open it to my fans, the ‘Dog Pound,’ to everybody.”

He continued, “It would be one hell of a party and it’s just what people need right now. I told Francie, people they need a little love after being locked down. I love the idea of that.”

No word on how Francie feels about Dog’s plans to invite the world to their big day.

Francie Doesn’t Think They’re Moving Too Quickly

The couple acknowledged that there are plenty of people who feel they may have “moved on too quickly or too fast,” but they certainly don’t envision divorce attorneys in their future.

“The truth is that both of us have spent three years walking alongside our spouses sick and we know that God brought us together,” Francie said. “And that’s why we don’t believe that it’s too soon.”

Francie also lost her long-term spouse to cancer, only six months before Beth’s death.

“For us to come together the way that we did and build this friendship because of what we’ve been through, that turned into a love story,” she continued, “We don’t believe that it’s too soon.”