Tyler Perry Buys Groceries for Seniors at 70+ Stores


Tyler Perry footed the bill for seniors and other high-risk shoppers at many Kroger grocery stores across metro Atlanta.

The media mogul’s good deed didn’t stop there, either. He also purchased groceries for shoppers at nearly 30 Winn-Dixie stores across Louisiana.

Tyler Perry Anonymously Paid For Groceries During Senior Shopping Hours

Seniors and other high-risk shoppers visiting the stores during early “senior hours” were surprised to learn that their groceries had already been paid for by an anonymous buyer.

According to WDSU Louisiana, shoppers were surprised Wednesday morning when they received a slip of paper that read, “Random Act of Kindness.”

They were instructed to check out by 8 am. They learned at check-out their groceries were already theirs.

Both at Louisiana Winn-Dixie stores and Atlanta Kroger stores, shoppers were only told that their groceries were paid by an anonymous buyer.

Kroger has confirmed to news outlets that it was Perry who forked over the cash.

“Senior and higher-risk Kroger shoppers in metro Atlanta did receive a nice surprise at the register this morning when they learned Tyler Perry had paid their grocery tab in full,” said Felix B. Turner, a Kroger corporate affairs manager.

Perry currently resides in Atlanta, where he picked up shoppers’ grocery bills at 44 Kroger stores. The NOLA native also paid for groceries at 29 Winn-Dixie supermarkets across Louisiana. That’s a whopping 73 stores in total.

It left shoppers crying tears of joy in a time when many are struggling amid the coronavirus pandemic. The virus has hit Atlanta and NOLA hard. With stay-at-home orders and non-essential businesses closed, many now-unemployed people have been left wondering, “Are there any new hiring jobs near me?” as they struggle to pay rent and grocery bills.

Tyler Perry’s Other Efforts During the Coronavirus Pandemic

This is not the first good deed that Tyler Perry has done to help people amid the pandemic.

While visiting one of his favorite restaurants in Atlanta, the actor and movie producer decided to share some of his fortune with the staff.

Perry stopped by the West Paces location of Houston’s to pick up a takeout order. While there, Perry left a $500 tip for each of the 42 employees. His tips totaled $21,000.

Tyler Perry is also hoping to spread a little inspiration this Easter Sunday. He will be joining Mariah Carey and Kanye West as a special guest for Joel Osteen’s star-studded Easter service.

Perry plans to deliver words of encouragement to viewers tuning in.