Selena Gomez Reveals Bipolar Diagnosis on Miley Cyrus’ Quarantine Show


Selena Gomez recently appeared on Miley Cyrus’ video-chat talk show, “Bright Minded,” and opened up about a topic she has always been bravely open with: mental health. We knew she struggles with anxiety and depression, and we knew she’s been to rehab for “personal reasons.”

But this time, the 27-year-old “Rare” songstress got even more specific. The “Bright Minded” episode got personal when Selena Gomez revealed that she’d been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Selena Gomez Talks About Bipolar Disorder

Selena told Miley,

“Recently I went to one of the best mental health hospitals in America, McLean Hospital, and I discussed that after years of going through a lot of different things, I realized I was bipolar. So, when I know more information it actually helps me. It doesn’t scare me when I know it.”

She continued, “I think people get scared of it and I’ve seen it, even in my own family… I’m from Texas, it’s not known to talk about your mental health. You’ve got to seem cool, and then I see anger built up in children, teenagers or adults because they are wanting that so badly. So I just feel like when I finally said what I was going to say, I wanted to know everything about it and it took the fear away.”

You can watch the full discussion between the two former Disney starlets here:

What Is Bipolar Disorder?

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), bipolar disorder is “A mental disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, concentration, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks.”

Bipolar disorder tends to be oversimplified as a condition in which someone feels really happy, then really sad. But there’s much more to it than that.

NIMH says, “There are three types of bipolar disorder. All three types involve clear changes in mood, energy, and activity levels. These moods range from periods of extremely ‘up,’ elated, irritable, or energized behavior (known as manic episodes) to very ‘down,’ sad, indifferent, or hopeless periods (known as depressive episodes).”

Bipolar can be easier to manage for some than others. Medication and treatment can mingle with the need for major rehabilitation and disability attorneys. However, bipolar disorder does not at all interfere with one’s ability to live an incredibly happy life.

It seems like Selena’s bipolar diagnosis has brought more clarity to her life. I bet she’ll continue to use her platform to help others who struggle with mental health disorders of their own.

During this scary time, keeping our mental health in check is especially important. Is isolation is getting you down? Throw on some “Bright Minded” or another of the many virtual projects happening right now (McConaughey playing Bingo with old people, anyone?!). Remember, you’re not alone!

You could also get ready for the release of Selena Gomez’s next single, “Boyfriend,” which is dropping this Thursday.