Ways Your Favorite Celebrity Can Handle the Deadly Hornets

One thing about celebrities, they always put their money where their mouth is. In some form or fashion, if they are passionate about the cause, they will support without having an issue.

Celebrity and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has always been known for her caring and giving nature. Do you think she would help fight against the deadly hornets, given the chance?

Different Ways to Help

Recently, DeGeneres made headlines for her role in animal activism. She likes to help and spread awareness for animals that are in need.

Although she is pro animals, there is a good chance that she will do her part to help to remove the Murder Hornets, or Asian giant hornets, from America.

This is mostly because these hornets threaten not just human life (yes, multiple stings will kill a human, even if they aren’t allergic), but the bee population.

The major concern with these hornets hitting the US is that they can multiply quickly and absolutely decimate bee populations, which are already so fragile.

Hopefully, it won’t come to that – but maybe Ellen could do a shout out on her show about it soon.