Ryan Reynolds Talks Social Distancing With Blake Lively: ‘Mostly Drinking’


Like everyone else right now, Ryan Reynolds and fam are practicing social distancing and staying home.

He made a guest appearance on Wednesday’s at-home edition of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to chat about how social distancing is going amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Ryan Reynolds Reveals What He’s Been Doing While Staying Home

It sounds a lot like Ryan Reynolds and wife Blake Lively are handling the shelter-in-place restrictions like the rest of us regular folk.

The Deadpool star mentioned that his daughters — James, 5; Inez, 3; and a third child who’s name remains private, 8 months — have been rocking “hot pink all day.”

“So, that’s what I do,” Reynolds said. “This morning, I made dresses out of tissue paper, which was fun for them.”

In his video chat, he also said that him and Lively have been “doing a lot of homeschooling.”

I don’t know if pink tissue paper dresses count, but he also says they’ve been doing some gardening. That definitely counts as homeschooling, right?

“We’re lucky enough to have a little tiny garden,” the 43-year-old actor noted. “So, we’re learning a little bit about gardening.”

Reynolds then joked, “We’re trying to make this an educational experience, but I’m mostly drinking.”

Of course, the actor also owns the Portland-based liquor company, Aviation Gin. I’m going to go ahead and assume that Reynolds and Lively’s bar is pretty well-stocked. Who could blame them? I don’t think they’ll be attempting a detox from alcohol any time soon.

What Else Is This Hollywood Couple Up To?

Reynolds revealed that his Gossip Girl wife is planning on giving him a haircut.

“She’s done this once before,” Reynolds said. “It took two and a half hours. And then, at the end, it looked like she’d done the whole thing using only a lighter. Or, you know those gloves that are made of sandpaper? It would have been a little faster if she had just worn it down, [like] she had just rubbed my head until my hair disappeared.”

I guess you’ve got to do what you can while you can’t leave the house!

Reynolds was also recently challenged by English actor Tom Holland for his “Handstand Challenge” on social media. Essentially, he put a shirt on while upside down in a handstand, and then challenged his buddies Jake Gyllenhaal, Harrison Osterfield, and of course, Ryan Reynolds.

While Gyllenhaal and Osterfield completed the challenge, Reynolds had a different approach.

Reynolds posted a video of himself looking puzzled and disgusted, before saying decidedly, “No.”