We’ve all felt the temptation. After a breakup or other traumatic event, you want to take back control of your life. So you reach for the scissors or the bleach.

There’s a reason that the “breakup haircut” is a thing. But will the “Corona Chop” lead to widespread regret? “Queer Eye” grooming advisor Jonathan Van Ness is warning people against making drastic changes to their hair.

While chatting with Jimmy Fallon, the late night host asked for tips about haircuts during self-isolation. JVN was not having it. “The most important advice is just to not do it. Just don’t do it,” he said.

‘Save Your Haircuts’

Then Jonathan dished some real talk about hair: “The average human head grows between a quarter of an inch and half an inch of hair a month,” he explained.

“Worse case scenario this is going to give you like 2, 3 inches of hair. Try a new look. Maybe you need a shag. Maybe you need a little bit of length. Save your haircuts. You don’t want to mess up your hair so bad you’re growing that thing out after the quarantine.”

We already saw what happens when you get a little bit stir-crazy (and also drunk) when Pink shaved her head. Badly. JVN says that most of us will be fine with slightly longer hair. And even if you look less than stylish, so what? Nobody cares what you look like right now.

If you need to pamper yourself, order some dry skin body wash and have an at-home spa day. Oh, and buy a digital gift certificate from your favorite stylist, if possible, to help them stay afloat financially.

Bonus: Cute Cats, Weddings

Like all the best work-from-home meetings, JVN conducted the interview with one of his four beautiful cats sitting on his lap. He’s promoting his children book, “Peanut Goes for the Gold,” as well as his “CATV Mews” Instagram videos. The reality star is committed to bringing lighthearted content to his fans featuring adorable kittens.

Van Ness also virtually officiated a wedding between two of his fans. The couple had been forced to cancel their planned ceremony because of the coronavirus, so JVN pronounced them married over FaceTime. Is it legally binding? Probably not. But it was a ray of sunshine in this dark and stressful time.

If you need me, I’ll be binge-watching the entire series of “Queer Eye” on Netflix.