Lindsay Lohan Is Back on the Scene With New Song ‘Back to Me’


I don’t know if it’s a sign of the apocalypse or the dawn of a new day, but Lindsay Lohan is “back” on the music scene.

No, really. 33-year-old Lohan took to social media to announce her official return to music, with a teaser of a new single.

Lindsay Lohan is “Back” With a New Track

“I’m back,” Lohan wrote, as she shared a cryptic 30-second video montage. It opens with a clip of blurry TVs, and quickly shifts to various clips of Lohan from past controversial news stories. One screen reads, “The Evolution of Lindsay Lohan.” After a slew of newscasters saying her name, it progresses quicker until an explosion erupts followed by a smiley face.

The caption also included a presave link that redirects to her website.

Following that post, she also dropped an 18-second snippet of her new single. The electro-pop song is titled “Back to Me.”

“I know that everything changes / hard things turn to basics,” Lohan sings in the new track. “Now I’m coming back to me.”

“This song is about rediscovering and accepting oneself, shutting out the noise and moving forward and letting the past go. Living in the now,” the video was captioned.

Set for release on Friday, this will be Lohan’s first official single in 12 years–her last was “Bossy” in 2008.

Of course, the Mean Girls star did drop another song back in September, but it has since disappeared. That track was titled “Xanax,” and left a lot of fans wondering what was up with it.

“WHAT DOES THIS MEAN THOUGH,” one person wrote.

Lohan infamously leaked it via Instagram, but then no one ever heard another peep about it. It was never released as an official single.

Lohan has since deleted all Instagram posts previous to her two new teaser videos, so that “Xanax” preview is officially gone.

The Actress is “Taking Back” Her Life

A few months ago, Lohan hinted at her comeback during a New Year’s Eve interview with Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper, though music wasn’t exactly mentioned. When revealing her resolutions for 2020, she told them, “I really want to focus on me and everything that I can do in my life and come back to America and start filming again.”

However, she did hint that she was up to something. She also said, “I’m doing something soon in this new year.”

She also proclaimed that she is “taking back the life I’ve worked so hard for and sharing it with my family and you guys.”

I have to admit that I’m glad to see her bounce back.

The actress had a booming career as a child star. She also continued to star in fan favorites through her teen years. However, her career came to a halt as she found herself entangled with law enforcement and substance abuse.

These days, it looks like she’s managed to detox from alcohol and drugs as she gets herself back on track. On top of her new upcoming album, Lohan has also been spending time as a judge on Australia’s The Masked Singer.