Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner Both Have the Paparazzi on Speed Dial


Hi there, fellow gossip fans! I hope that everyone is staying safe and sane during this wild time. While the rest of us are social distancing to the best of our abilities, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are both staging photo ops.

Ben and His New Girlfriend Should Be Self-Isolating

In Ben’s case, he’s still trying to roll out his latest romance with costar Ana de Armas, the Cuban actress who had a breakout role in “Knives Out” that earned her an Oscar nomination in February. Ben and Ana have been spotted out in Los Angeles getting coffee, going to a bookstore, and walking their dogs.

While all that would be perfectly normal celebrity behavior in any other time, doing the “pap walk” during a global pandemic is ridiculous. It’s terrible PR for this couple, which is already hampered by an age difference and Ben’s baggage. Ana is 31, so at least she’s too old to date Leonardo DiCaprio. But she looks much younger compared to Ben’s grizzled 47.

The reaction to their relationship rollout on social media has been uniformly scathing. Nobody is buying what they’re selling. And plenty of us are questioning why Ben and Ana are trying to sell us anything at all. The theaters are closed. We’re all just binge-watching “Love Is Blind” and “The Tiger King.” The movie they starred in together, a sexy thriller called “Deep Water,” probably won’t come out this year because of the coronavirus.

Jennifer Garner Shows How It’s Done

Meanwhile, Jennifer Garner was photographed with her and Ben’s three children: Violet (14), Seraphina (11), and Samuel (8). The fam was out walking their gorgeous Golden Retriever–and their cat, which was being pushed in a stroller by Sam. Not sure if that’s weird or adorable, but I’ll allow it.

The message is clear. While Ben is behaving recklessly with his much-younger starlet girlfriend, Jennifer is taking care of her family. She’s always relied on her wholesome image as her brand–because it works.

Jennifer has been playing the PR game against Ben since their split. And she’s just better at it. Every time he goes off the rails (such as getting a massive phoenix tattooed on his back to represent rising from the ashes of their marriage), Jen counters with a carefully worded interview or smiling photo of the kids.

While we’re hoping that Ben manages to successfully detox from alcohol and live a happy, sober life, we’re on Team Jennifer. Although, why are the paparazzi still allowed to prowl Los Angeles to take these photographs, anyway? Are they considered essential workers?

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