Kristen Bell Hosts Coronavirus Special for Kids on Nickelodeon

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, some stars are trying to do their part to continue entertaining where they can.

Many are able to work from home to achieve this, including Kristen Bell, who hosted #KidsTogether: The Nickelodeon Town Hall, where she brought celebrities together in an hour-long special.

Kristen Bell’s Coronavirus Special Answers Kids’ Questions

Since many children undoubtedly have questions about what is currently going on in the world, Kristen Bell has given them an opportunity to do just that.

Not only did she answer questions, but she also helped kids understand how they were making an impact. Toilet paper shortage fears were even addressed by Tara M. Sinclair, associate professor of economics and international affairs at The George Washington University.

She predicted that “our bums are going to be ok.” Sinclair also assured viewers that, “the good news is that there’s lots of toilet paper in the warehouses, and it’s really a pretty easy product to make.”

Several celebrities joined Bell by describing how they’re spending their days in quarantine. For example, Kevin Hart said, “I’m gonna be honest with you, I’ve been just spending time with my wife and kids.”

“Getting to know my family more, loving them as much as I possibly can. Finding ways to improve, to be better,” continued Hart.

Bell closed the hour-long event by acknowledging just how very weird everything has gotten.

“This is weird. We’ve never experienced anything like this, not in your lifetime, not in mine, not even in my mom’s,” said Bell.

“Yes, the world has hit a reset button, but resetting isn’t all bad. We’re being forced to look at the world and our friends and our family with more love and more gratitude. I think I needed a little reset on that. I think maybe we all did.”

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Dolly Parton Wants to Wish You Sweet Dreams Every Thursday

Dolly Parton fans are going to be happy about this news! Even if you aren’t particularly a Dolly Parton fan (but how can you not be?)–you’re going to love what she plans to start doing every Thursday.

Starting April 2, Dolly Parton wants you and your kids to join her as she reads a bedtime story.

Dolly Partons Imagination Library
YouTube | Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

Goodnight with Dolly, Starring ‘the Book Lady’

In an effort to help entertain children and adults alike during the coronavirus pandemic, Dolly Parton is stepping up, and into bed–along with a favorite book from her Imagination Library.

Every Thursday night for the next few months, Dolly Parton will read a bedtime story to help encourage the sweetest dreams.

“I want you to join me April 2 when I start ‘Goodnight with Dolly.’ I’m going to be reading some stories from the Imagination Library,” said Dolly during her announcement.

If you’d like to participate, you can join Dolly here starting April 2 at 7 PM EDT.

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