Rob Kardashian Slams Blac Chyna After She Called DCFS on Him


Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are still at each other’s throats. Now the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) is getting involved to investigate.

This time, Blac Chyna has called up the DCFS to investigate ex Rob Kardashian, after daughter Dream suffered burns while at his home. She claims that Rob initially denied that the burns happened under his watch, but Chyna says he’s lying.

Rob Fires Back at Blac Chyna’s Claims

Rob isn’t having it. According to Rob, he isn’t even to blame for the burns — it was his former nanny. He’s now firing back against Chyna’s claims that he’s a bad parent. Rob says that this is all just an attempt by Chyna to smear his name.

It’s in retaliation for his ongoing attempt to gain full custody of Dream.

According to Marty Singer, Rob’s attorney, the reality star is confident that DCFS won’t find any issues at his home. Dream did get burned in incidents involving the nanny last month, but the nanny is history. But Rob says he told Chyna about what happened at the time, and it definitely wasn’t a surprise.

As for Chyna, Rob’s attorney says that she “has once again wasted valuable public resources by calling first responders in a desperate attempt to smear Rob’s name in response to his ongoing lawsuit against her for full custody of their daughter.”

And apparently, DCFS is heading to Chyna’s home, too.

Rob and Chyna’s Ongoing Custody Battle

Both Rob and Chyna have been gunning for primary custody of their 3-year-old daughter.

Rob filed legal docs asking a judge to grant him primary custody, making shocking allegations against his ex, including claims of substance abuse, negligent parenting and violence.

He claimed that his ex “snorts cocaine” and is “drunk all the time.”

On top of that, a former employee told Rob that she spends an estimated $600 on booze almost daily.

Rob wanted the time Chyna spends with their daughter to be reduced to weekends only, and asked that a nanny’s presence be required. He also wanted Chyna to undergo an alcohol and drug test before each visit so that she can detox from alcohol.

The judge denied Rob’s request for primary custody.

Of course, Chyna’s lawyer called the accusations “absolutely absurd.”

“Chyna will not back down from Rob and his family’s attempt to take away her agreed-upon custody of Dream,” her attorney said in a statement.

“She will continue to take all necessary steps to protect her children,” the attorney continued. “Including defeating Rob’s and his family’s latest attempt to undermine Chyna’s joy as a mother to Dream and her ability to make a living as a single mother — without any child support from Rob.”