Ariana Grande’s Isolating With New Man – We’ve Got Details!

We already knew that Ariana Grande had a new man, but things must be getting serious. The couple have hunkered down in isolation together, enjoying snacks low in sugar and fat as they wait out the coronavirus pandemic.

Plus, her mystery man has now been identified!

Ariana Grande and Mystery Beau in Isolation Together

Fans have spotted Ari’s new mystery beau on her social media, appearing in posts for the past few days. That means that the two of them are bunked up and chillin’ together in isolation, just like the rest of us.

Her new squeeze popped up in her Instagram Story videos, including one where he was petting one of her beloved dogs, Toulouse. But each time he appears, it seems like the singer is very careful to keep his face hidden.

However, no matter how hard she has tried to hide his identity when she’s snapping on her cellphone plans don’t always work out how we want them to. Especially if you’re a celeb in the public eye!

According to TMZ, Ari’s new mystery beau is a guy named Dalton Gomez. Never heard of him? Apparently, Dalton is a high-end real estate agent in L.A. who handles multimillion dollar listings for big-time, A-list buyers.

It’s worth noting that Ariana and several of her friends follow Dalton on social media. If her friends are following him, that might be a pretty good indication that they’re getting serious.

It seems like these two have already been seeing each other for a few months now, too.

Dalton Is the Mystery Man From the Late-Night Makeout Sesh

If you remember, AG was spotted making out with a mystery guy late night at Bar Louie in Northridge, CA back in February. Eyewitnesses say Ari rolled in with a group of friends, but she only got extra cozy with one guy. At the time, the people at the bar didn’t instantly recognize the guy Ari was making out with, so we knew he wasn’t a big celeb.

Turns out, that same mystery guy is Ari’s isolation partner, Dalton.

Even though Dalton isn’t a well-known celeb like Ariana, he appears to run in the same circles as her, at least. TMZ found a pic that Dalton recently posted of himself hanging out with Miley Cyrus and some other friends.

This is AG’s first notable love interest since her highly publicized romance with comedian and actor Pete Davidson. But it seems like the singer is trying a different approach this time. It’s clear she’s actively trying to keep her romance out of the public spotlight.