Stories of Ellen DeGeneres Being Terrible Raise Money for Food Banks


It sounds like anyone who works on The Ellen Show shouldn’t be too upset that they have to work from home right about now.

Stories that comedian Ellen DeGeneres isn’t as nice as she tries to seem have circulated for years. But on Friday, the 62-year-old with a net worth of about $490 million got a roasting unlike any other.

Much like the famous Comedy Central Roasts, this one was for charity – coronavirus-related hunger relief, in particular. Comedian Kevin T. Porter declared on Twitter that he would donate money to the Los Angeles food bank for each story about Ellen being generally awful he could find.

The comic’s unique call to action that ultimately raised $600 from about 300 stories:

Stories About Ellen Being Mean

“Karen Kilgariff was her head writer for 5 years until the writers’ strike. When Karen wouldn’t cross the picket line she was fired and Ellen never spoke to her again.” – @elpez3

“My friend wrote for the Ellen Show for two years and told me Ellen didn’t greet her once. In fact, upon employment, staff were told they weren’t allowed to talk to her.” – @cathytown

“I worked with @RealFoodDaily, served her & Porsha [sic] at brunch. She wrote a letter to the owner & complained about my chipped nail polish (not that it was on her plate but just that it was on my hand). I had worked till closing the night before & this was next morn, almost got me fired.” – @ChrisLFarah

‘Every day she picks someone different to really hate’

“A) She has a “sensitive nose so everyone must chew gum from a bowl outside her office before talking to her and if she thinks you smell that day you have to go home and shower. B) A new staff member was told “every day she picks someone different to really hate. It’s not your fault, just suck it up for the day and she’ll be mean to someone else the next day. They didn’t believe it but it ended up being entirely true.” – @BenjaminJS

“My friend waited on her & she threw a plate of salmon in his face bc it wasn’t what she ordered” – @ayyDRose

“Pretty sure I heard Ellen insisted an assistant who was brand new to the show take Ellen’s personal, fancy-*ss car on a run despite the assistant not being comfortable with that and the assistant accidentally backed it into a pole and was immediately fired for it.” – @OliviaCauthen

“There was the time she bullied Mariah Carey into admitting she was pregnant” – @JimmyP215

“Was wrking on a show @ WB that was next to her stage. Was our showrunner’s 50th Bday. Caterer grilling steaks outside for special fancy lunch. Ellen sent someone over to demand they stop, as she doesn’t eat meat. She’s the worst.” – @AlisonVFreer

“Some friends who work /worked on her show said many of her staff members weren’t allowed to be in the same room as her! Queen of Social Distancing! Ahead of her time!” – @MatthewKBegbie

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