Fiona Apple Opens Up About Drugs, Quentin Tarantino, and Her Ex


Growing up in the 90s, Fiona Apple was an icon for angsty teenage girls. Alongside artists like Tori Amos and Alanis Morisette, she represented a darker alternative to the era’s bubblegum popstars.

Since then, Apple has continued to produce a handful of stellar albums. She’s also retreated further and further from the public eye.

Now, an in-depth profile by The New Yorker sheds some light on her life–including an allegedly abusive relationship and a downward spiral into drugs.

Fiona Apple’s Cocaine Addiction and Abuse

Now 42, Apple described her relationship with director Paul Thomas Anderson during her early twenties in detail, painting it as “painful and chaotic.”

During that time of her life, Apple was also heavily using drugs. She realized things needed to change, however, when she spent an evening at Quentin Tarantino‘s house. She implies that both of the men were using cocaine that night–and being pretty unpleasant about it.

“Every addict should just get locked in a private movie theater with Q.T. and P.T.A. on coke, and they’ll never want to do it again,” Apple told The New Yorker.

In addition to quitting cocaine, Apple also managed to detox from alcohol. She realized that she would grab a vodka bottle for a quick shot every time she walked by the refrigerator.

Although Apple insists that both she and Anderson were dysfunctional together, the details she shared with interviewer Emily Nussbaum read a lot like abuse. She describes the time he threw a chair across the room, and later when he pushed her out of car.

The “Boogie Nights” director has been in a relationship with comedian Maya Rudolf since 2001. He has not commented publicly on the article.

New Fiona Apple Album in the Works

For over a year, Apple has been teasing her fans with the possibility of a fifth studio album. She calls it “Fetch the Bolt Cutters.”

In the same interview with The New Yorker, she confirmed that the album is done. It features thirteen songs and will be self-produced.

Apple described the new album as being a confrontation of her past and “not being afraid to speak.”

“Why in the past have you been so socially blind to think that you could be friends with your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend by getting her a gift?” Apple mused during the interview.

She admits that she made plenty of mistakes in her past–although she never considered herself an alcoholic and did not try any of the drug and alcohol treatment centers favored by celebrities. Instead, she focused on her mental and physical health, including treatment for obsessive-compulsive disorder, and, it seems, using her music as a kind of therapy.