Justin Timberlake and Joey Fatone Once Broke into Alcatraz


This week, Justin Timberlake took a break from flirting with women who are not his wife, Jessica Biel, and apologizing for flirting with a woman who isn’t his wife to visit The Ellen Show.

There, he told a couple whacky stories that (briefly) distracted us from the fact that Jessica Biel recently went out without her wedding ring on just before her birthday.

39-year-old Justin hearkened back to a more innocent time in his life, when he was in *NSYNC and hanging out with his fellow band members like Joey Fatone.

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Justin Timberlake and Joey Fatone Broke into Alcatraz

Justin told Ellen what happened the time *NSYNC was filming a music video in San Francisco. They were shooting right near Alcatraz, the infamous, now-closed prison. The prison once held criminals like Al Capone.

“We ended up shooting this one scene on this pier directly across from Alcatraz,” Justin said. “And at that time, I was, like, watching The Untouchables over and over again and I was obsessed with that fact that Al Capone had — you know, they put him in Alcatraz. I said, ‘Who wants to go see Alcatraz with me?’ And Joey, who is usually game for anything, he was like, ‘I’ll go with you.’”

He said they looked around set for a potential ride. He said, “So the fire department was sort of waiting around and they came up and [said], ‘Hey, can we take some pictures with you guys?’ And Joey and I were like, ‘Sure. Would you take us to Alcatraz?’ And they were like, ‘Yeah, sure!’”

“So, we get to the main gate and they’re like, ‘Tickets, please.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, the guy behind me has the tickets.’ So, we ended up sort of sneaking in and getting the earphones and weaving our way into one of the tour groups.”

Justin Has a History of ‘Getting Caught’

And not just cheating on his wife.

There must have been a lot of teenage girls in line at Alcatraz that day. Who else would let Justin and Joey go without a hitch like that? If it happened today, people would have had their cellphones out immediately. Snapchat and Instagram would have exposed Joey and Justin in their sneaky act. Even Timberlake knows the situation was wild.

“By the time we got halfway through and we had just gotten to Al Capone’s cell, I get, like a tap on the shoulder and they’re like, ‘Come with me.’”

Thats when police busted the two. They paid for the tickets, and apparently the cops let the two superstars go with a warning.

“I was like, ‘Joe, we are gonna go down in history as the dumbest people ever. We got caught breaking into a prison.’”