DaBaby Says Alleged Victim Isn’t the Woman He Slapped

Miami Police Department

Tyronesha Laws claims to be the woman who suffered DaBaby’s brutal slap, but DaBaby and his legal team are denying she’s the real victim.

Fans were shocked and outraged at DaBaby for slapping a female concert-goer before his show at Whiskey North in Tampa. In fact, the audience began booing the “BOP” and “Suge” rapper. DaBaby left the stage before he even performed a single song.

Victim Initially Refused Treatment After Assault

Cops showed up in response to a 911 assault call, but no arrests were made. The victim also refused EMS treatment.

Video of the assault surfaced on TMZ, sparking some initial apologies from the rapper.

Trying to get ahead of any coming repercussions by seeking lawyer advice as soon as possible, DaBaby shared the video of the incident and asked fans, “who know shawty government name so my lawyer can get active?”

He also issued an apology to the woman. He said that he wrongly hit her because he mistook her for a man, thanks to the light that she was shining in his face.

A woman named Tyronesha Laws came forward claiming that she’s the one DaBaby slapped. She’s lawyered up and ready to take DaBaby to court.

However, DaBaby’s legal team says she ain’t the one.

DaBaby’s Lawyer Says Video Disproves Tyronesha’s Story

Drew Findling, DaBaby’s own attorney, thinks that enhanced video debunks what Tyronesha Laws has claimed happened to her at the show.

Tyronesha claims that DaBaby wrongly slapped her after the woman next to her caused a problem. Apparently, the woman next to Tyronesha stuck her phone in DaBaby’s face with the flash on.

Findling says that the video shows otherwise. In it, DaBaby is shown slapping the individual with the phone, not the person to the left or right. Further, that person struck the rapper in the left eye first. This prompted DaBaby to hit the attacker back.

Findling also says that his law firm has been contacted by several people claiming to be the victim in the video. But so far, they have not been able to establish her real identity.

DaBaby later made light of the situation, when he and Michael Blackson made a comedic skit reenacting the incident. Tyronesha called the skit “hateful,” and said it made his apology seem pretty insincere.

We have yet to see if there is any further proof that Tyronesha is the victim in the assault video.