DaBaby Facing Legal Trouble After Slapping Woman Across the Face

Miami Police Department

DaBaby is finding himself in legal trouble again.

But this time, his legal woes are stemming from the rapper slapping a woman across the face.

Rapper DaBaby Slapped Female Concert-Goer

This past weekend, rapper DaBaby was at Whiskey North in Tampa for his Up Close N Personal tour, when he slapped a female fan across the face as he made his way to the stage. And if you don’t believe me, there’s a video to prove it.

The crowd took notice, too. They started booing the rapper, in turn causing DaBaby and his crew to leave without performing a single song. Cops showed up to the incident, responding to a 911 assault call, but no arrests were made at the time.

The victim did not have visible injuries, and she refused EMS treatment. She was given a form to submit to the State Attorney’s Office if she decides to press charges and pursue the case further. At this time, it appears she has found a lawyer.

DaBaby, who’s real name is Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, must have immediately known he screwed up. He seemed to be trying to get ahead of any coming repercussions. He initially took to Instagram, sharing the video of the incident to his Instagram Stories and asking fans, “who know shawty government name so my lawyer can get active.”

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DaBaby Has Apologized, But Now Faces Woman’s Attorney

DaBaby also issued an apology to the woman, implying that he wrongly hit her because he mistook her for a guy. According to him, he couldn’t tell the difference because she was shining a light in his face. He does acknowledge that he was wrong in any case, and that dealing with flashing lights is just part of the biz that he signed up for.

The rapper has also supposedly learned who the victim is. He sent her an Instagram message so that he could privately apologize about the slap.

Hopefully the rapper is seeking lawyer advice at this time, though, because the victim has decided that she won’t take this incident lightly. She’s ready to have a little chat with DaBaby concerning the assault, but not without legal representation.

“Morgan & Morgan has been retained to represent the interests of Tyronesha Laws,” said attorney Matt Morgan of Morgan & Morgan Law Firm. “Ms. Laws has received DaBaby’s Instagram message. We look forward to speaking, Mr. Kirk.”