Kylie Jenner Claps Back at Haters: ‘I Have Cute Feet’

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Kylie Jenner wants to make sure everyone knows that she’s got cute feet, and she doesn’t care what you think about her toes.

Fans Critique Kylie Jenner’s Toes in Bikini Photos

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star dropped several videos on her Instagram Stories in response to criticism she has been receiving about her feet, of all things.

Kylie had posted a series of sizzling bikini photos from a recent photoshoot in the Bahamas. Also featured in the photos was big sister Kendall Jenner, and the pair wore matching swimsuits.


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DAY 1 💚

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Kylie and Kendall look absolutely stunning. They are so stunning, in fact, they could sell me anything with these photos, from healthy shakes to body wash cream for dry skin. But instead of fans noticing their cheeky suits, long legs, and flawless faces, there was something else that drew plenty of critique: Kylie’s toe.

Yeah, seriously. The Instagram comments are full of fans pointing out the beauty mogul’s toe in one of the photos.

“So nobody gone notice her short toe?” asked one user, and another joked, “Toes throwing up gang signs.”

“@kyliejenner you got your whole body done Kylie why didn’t you fix that toe,” another person posted.

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Of course, there were fans who jumped in to defend Kylie, too, like one person who wrote, “this picture shows how negative ppl are, meanwhile the picture is super hot and perfect everyone comes at a toe!”

They’re talking about the middle toe of Kylie’s right foot. I’m not going to lie: it looks a lot shorter than the ones around it in the photo. I’m sure the white nail polish helped draw everyone’s attention to it.

Kylie Responds to Criticism of Her Toe With Weird Instagram Videos

Kylie noticed that fans noticed, so she’s put us all on notice over on her Instagram Stories, where she posted some “weird a**” videos to clear up all the chatter about her short toe.

Kylie Jenner's toes close up
@kyliejenner via Instagram

She started by sharing a zoomed-in photo of her feet (yes, really), along with a weary face emoji. In the follow up video, she said, “Everyone wants to come for my f****** toes,” showing her toes wiggling on a grey fur rug.

“By the way, I have cute a** feet,” Kylie continued. “I broke this middle toe in middle school, and there’s nothing you can do about a broken toe, so it just had to heal how it wanted to heal.”

“This is a weird a** video,” she later joked, acknowledging what we were all thinking.

After all that, though, she decided to hilariously throw her sister under the bus. She shared a second close-up from the photoshoot, but this time it was Kendall’s feet. She used a finger-pointing emoji to clearly draw attention to a long, slender toe.

“Meanwhile!!!!! @KendallJenner,” she wrote, and added in another photo, saying, “I’m sorry but wuttttt.” Touché!

close up of Kendall Jenner's toes
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