North West’s Musical Debut – Did She Rip Off ZaZa?

@KimKardashian via Twitter

Daughter North West stole the show when she took the mic at her famous dad’s Paris Fashion Week runway event, making her musical debut.

But now, the parents of young viral sensation ZaZa are publicly calling out the Kardashian-West clan for copying their daughter without giving due credit.

North West Makes Musical Debut at Paris Fashion Week

On Monday, Kanye returned to fashion after a two-year hiatus with a surprise unveiling of his latest Yeezy collection. Models hit the runway for his Season 8 fashion show at Paris Fashion Week, but Kanye’s return to fashion wasn’t the biggest surprise. Daughter North West made her musical debut as she gave an impromptu performance–the 6-year-old sang along to a musical track while the models worked the runway.

Dad Kanye beamed with joy as he watched his daughter take center stage and perform her heart out in front of the massive crowd.

Video of North’s first rap performance started taking the internet by storm, after her performance was first broadcast live on Yeezy’s website. Proud mom Kim K also recorded her daughter’s performance for her Instagram Stories. North is seen dropping adorable lyrics like, “I will never do bad things / Walk to the street / What are those / I have new shoes, they’re really cute.”

North West and Kanye West at Yeezy Paris Fashion Week show
Arnold Jerocki/Getty Images via Cosmopolitan

Soon after, some social media users started pointing out the similarities between North’s tune and “What I Do?” by the young internet sensation ZaZa.

ZaZa went viral online for the catchy song, and has made several appearances since. She guest starred on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, stopped by radio show Big Boy’s Neighborhood, and even performed during a Chicago Bulls halftime show.

ZaZa’s parents caught on to the similarities, too.

Parents Call on Kardashian-West Clan to Give Credit to Daughter ZaZa

In an Instagram post, they’ve compared North’s performance with ZaZa’s single side by side, and it seems pretty clear. But ZaZa’s parents haven’t sought lawyer advice. They aren’t asking for anything more than for the Wests to give credit where credit is due.

“In July of 2019, ZaZa & her dad went into the studio for the ultimate experience! To finally begin making the music she wanted to make,” the Instagram post reads. “We take PRIDE in creativity, and believe whether a child’s involved or an adult… creativity deserves RESPECT / homage!”

ZaZa’s parents go on to explain that they are “not mad” at 6-year-old North for pulling inspiration from “What I Do?” but they think the Kardashian-West clan could have done a better job showing “love and support to the original first!”

They “admire” Kanye, but they don’t want their “daughter’s journey in the world of entertainment” to feel “stifled.”

Kim K has responded to the parents’ concern, explaining that it was really just a last-minute decision for North to perform and they “didn’t mean to not give credit where credit was due.”

She told ZaZa’s parents that “North is a huge fan” of their daughter. She said North “records in the studio all the time with her dad and is inspired by ZaZa and loves Lay Lay too!”

“Todays performance of North’s remix of ZaZa’s song was something she asked to do at the last minute and a complete surprise,” Kim K said, and added, “Would love for the girls to meet soon.”