J-Lo & Shakira Halftime Show Received 1300 FCC Complaints


Thanks to Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s “too hot to handle” halftime show, the FCC received a whopping 1312 complaints, stating that they found the show too offensive and that their children were watching.

I’m not sure if these viewers saw the same halftime show that the rest of us did, considering the way some of the FCC complaints read.

Jennifer Lopez & Shakira Halftime Show Was ‘Beyond Inappropriate’

The complaints to the FCC over Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s halftime show were heavily worded, and one might even say they were more inappropriate than the halftime show itself.

One complaint read, “The halftime show last night was beyond inappropriate. Shakira laying on her side gyrating like s-x, Lopez on a stripper pole, Lopez bending over to expose her butt crack, both performers grabbing their v—–s, Shakira grinding her butt against some tinfoil wearing man’s p—s. This was incredibly offensive. My children were watching!”

The viewers might be in need of some serious pain relief. Arthritis is surely kicking in, judging by how hard they must have been mashing their keyboards when typing these angry complaints.

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Families Only Wanted Football, but ‘Instead Had Our Eyes Molested’

And that was just one of the many complaints the FCC received after the halftime show aired. Of the complaints that TMZ Sports requested from the Federal Communications Commission, which is the U.S. government agency that regulates television, some of them were quite the doozies:

“I do not subscribe to the Playboy Channel,” lamented a family from Tennessee.  “We do not buy p–n for $20 a flick. We simply wanted to sit down as a family and watch the Super Bowl. God forbid we expected to watch football and a quick concert, but instead had our eyes molested.”

Other complaints compared the halftime show to Jennifer Lopez’s movie Hustlers, asking, “JLo’s movie Hustlers was rated R so since when is rated R viewing allowed on network TV at 7/8:00 pm?”

Of course, critics invoked Janet Jackson’s infamous halftime wardrobe malfunction. One person from Michigan said that Janet Jackson’s performance was “by far better,” even though it showed actual nudity. I guess Jackson’s wardrobe at least covered her body somewhat, despite being a skintight, shiny black corset?

And that wasn’t all. The show upset some people so much that they’ve vowed to stop watching football altogether. They showed how serious they were by using all caps and lots of exclamation marks.

“Strip clubs have that crap with sl—s performing like this! This is soft p–n! Fine the NFL or stop the HALFTIME shows! Beyond INAPPROPRIATE!!! Honoring a dog killer now THIS! BOYCOTTING THE NFL!!!”

Still, the number of people who have complained is surprisingly low, considering that the performance has netted almost 136 million views on YouTube.

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