Future Makes Shocking Claims Against Alleged Baby Mama Eliza Seraphin


Future Hendrix claims that his alleged baby mama, Eliza Seraphin, is doing everything she can to get money out of him.

In legal documents filed by the 36-year-old rapper, he alleges that the social media star purposefully tried to get pregnant for her own financial gain, and has even nicknamed her 9-month-old daughter “Check Baby.”

Future Says He’s Being Extorted for Cash By Alleged Baby Mama

Future, whose real name is Nayvadius Wilburn, has never claimed paternity of Eliza’s child, a 9-month-old baby girl named Reign. But he says that Eliza is using the kid to cash in and is trying to treat him like an ATM. Essentially, he claims he’s the target of an extortion scheme.

In the legal docs, Future says that Eliza has referred to her own daughter as “Check Baby,” which his lawyers define as “slang terminology describing a child conceived solely for the purposes of extorting monies from the father of a child in the child support setting.”

In other words, Future believes Eliza got pregnant on purpose in order to snag steady checks for the next 18 years. And really, Future has been saying this all along, but now he’s saying that even Eliza cops to it.

On top of that, the rapper reportedly claims that Eliza started taking fertility pills while they were together in order to increase her chances of getting knocked up. His source? One of Eliza’s friends.

That same friend, who apparently made some statements during an online interview, also alleged that Eliza went so far as to research the amount of child support that the rapper paid to his other baby mamas, to see what she could possibly get out of him.

While Eliza supposedly has dollar signs in her eyes, Future is only prepared to shell out $450 per month, and anything more is just a cash grab. He based that number on a financial affidavit that Eliza filed in court, which detailed her monthly expenses.

Future Sued Eliza for Publicizing Their Sexual Encounters

Future previously sued Eliza for defamation and invasion of privacy after he got tired of her talking about their sexual encounters with anyone that’ll listen. He thinks she’s doing it to stay in the spotlight.

She gave a pretty vivid description of his… uh, genitals during an interview, and then posted it for all her Instagram followers to see, which didn’t sit well with Future. He also says she’s been spreading some crazy lies, like claiming he hired someone to murder her because she wouldn’t get an abortion.

He never addresses whether or not he’s actually Reign’s father, but he does say they had a sexual relationship from 2016 to 2018. And according to Future, he never would have slept with her if he knew she’d do all this.

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