Dustin Diamond Pleads for Screech to Return in ‘Saved By the Bell’ Reboot


Dustin Diamond says you can’t do a Saved By the Bell reboot unless Screech is there.

Diamond wants in on the show’s reboot, and he’s pleading his case as to why he should be asked to take part in the new show.

Saved By the Bell Reboot Coming to New Streaming Service

Bayside High is back in session, and there is a whole new generation of students ready to walk the halls. NBCUniversal’s new streaming service, Peacock, will produce the Saved By the Bell reboot. The streaming service launches in April 2020.

When NBCUniversal confirmed the reboot back in September, original Saved By the Bell cast members Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley were already on board to reprise their roles as A.C. Slater and Jessie Spano.

However, other Bayside alumni have not been asked to reprise their roles. Producers did not ask Mark-Paul Gosselaar to join the reboot at first. He is now confirmed to return for at least three episodes as Zach Morris. Tiffani Thiessen, who played Kelly Kapowski, is in negotiations for the reboot, as well.

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Of course, that leaves out the very memorable Screech. Now, Dustin Diamond is calling on his former cast mates to help him return to the halls of Bayside.

Diamond chatted with TMZ, saying, “How can you have Saved By the Bell without Screech? Right?”

He noted that he was one of the defining stars of the original show, stating that he “was in literally, like, every episode. Out of all the cast members, I was in the majority, the most.”

Diamond Thinks No Screech Is a ‘Missed Opportunity’

Diamond deems Screech’s absence from the reboot “a missed opportunity.”

He suggests that his being snubbed is like the old saying about “cutting off the finger” or “cutting off the nose.”

He isn’t quite sure about the idiom, but we understand what he’s feeling: It’s unfair and wrong that he’s not being included!

He’s hoping that those OG cast members will band together to help Screech. He believes everyone involved in the original Saved By the Bell should demand the whole cast be brought back, too. That includes Lark Voorhies, who has also been snubbed for the reboot.

Perhaps the show’s creators don’t want to employ a personal attorney for Diamond, as he seems like kind of a liability these days. Prior to this, Diamond made plenty of scandalous headlines for numerous arrests, and releasing his own sex tape in 2006.

He also released a shocking book in 2009 titled Behind the Bell, which detailed sex and drugs on set of the series. Plenty of his co-stars spoke out to slam what he had written, saying his claims were false.