NBA Fans Blowing Up Twitter Over Chaka Khan’s Rendition of National Anthem


You would think that singers who are invited to perform the national anthem would have learned their lesson about taking artistic liberties after Fergie was highly-criticized in 2018.

That wasn’t the case when Chaka Khan did the same on Sunday to kick off the NBA All-Star Game.

The legendary singer boosted “The Star-Spangled Banner” length from an average of 105 seconds to a whopping 142 seconds, and NBA Fans are blowing up Twitter with negative comments and memes.

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The top 10 trending topics on Twitter after the NBA All-Star game included “national anthem,” “Chaka Khan” and “Fergie”–mostly consisting of negative tweets and memes. One fan even tweeted, “I made a Twitter just to verify everyone else heard the trash I heard” tagging their post #chakakhan.

The number of memes ranging from the infamous Michael Jackson eating popcorn in suspense of what will happen next to trashcans on fire is endless. Fans aren’t going as far as to abandon the singer, though. Most are simply gawking at the horrible rendition hoping future music artists don’t take the same artistic liberties when it comes to the National Anthem.

Chaka Khan’s Rendition

Chaka Khan is a Grammy Award-winning singer who has landed numerous hit songs on the top of the charts for decades. Sunday night’s performance, however, will not go down as a win. The vast majority of fans, according to the feedback on Twitter, didn’t think it was music to their ears at all.

Khan filled “The Star-Spangled Banner” with riffs and runs she is known, for adding nearly 40 seconds to the average length of the song. She was wearing a customized Chicago Bulls top with retired Michael Jordan’s number, No. 23. Aside from the length of the rendition, fans are voicing their dislike of the entire tone of the song, showing that when it comes to the national anthem, less is more.

This tweet sums up a majority of what fans are saying: “Chaka Khan sang The National Anthem at the NBA All Star Game. I like Chaka, she is a great singer but hey there r just some songs like The National Anthem u shouldn’t chang the notes. Remember what happened after Fergie tried that.”