Are Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Getting Back Together?

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Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott might be getting back together, according to some of their close friends.

Are Kylie and Travis Getting Back Together?

The possibility of these two rekindling their relationship seems real, according to sources who attended Stormi’s 2nd birthday party this past weekend. They say that Kylie and Travis were giving off some major signs of being more than just friends.

Kylie and Travis were “pretty much inseparable” during Stormi’s birthday party, getting along great and even appearing to be into one another.

It’s important to note that no one saw any actual PDA, but friends of the now-exes believe that there’s still something more going on between the two. If their friends think there are still sparks between Kylie and Travis, then I say it’s highly probable that they might be working things out!

Why Travis and Kylie Broke Up

Of course, the couple called it quits a few months ago, after being together for more than two years. Sources claim that they decided to go their separate ways because they “fight over ridiculous things.”

However, back in March 2019, Kylie accused the rapper of cheating on her. Travis actually postponed a concert so that he could stay in Los Angeles to deal with the accusations, but it’s possible that the trust between the two was never really restored.

Even after the split, both Kylie and Travis have been involved in daughter Stormi’s life as they co-parent. And although they aren’t living under the same roof anymore (Travis has been staying at his own home in Beverly Hills), they see each other several times a week thanks to Stormi.

Travis has also been spotted tagging along for several different Kardashian-Jenner family outings.

On top of that, Kylie and Travis paired up to throw Stormi’s elaborate birthday bash together, and they spared no expense. They basically created an entire theme park called “StormiWorld,” complete with a giant blow-up slide, carnival rides, Frozen- and Trolls-themed areas, and an inflatable Stormi head.

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