VOTE in the Super Bowl Showdown: Patrick Mahomes II vs Jimmy G


Here at DailyPopStar, we love football — and we also love analyzing football players based on astrological signs, romantic choices, hair volume and overall charisma.

Patrick Mahomes II is a football prodigy, and Jimmy G is a low-key standout. How do the two compare?

Jimmy Garoppolo of the San Francisco 49ers

  • Fan nickname: Jimmy G
  • Nickname review: Pretty sweet
  • Age: 28
  • Hometown: Arlington Heights, Illinois
  • College: Eastern Illinois
  • Sign: Scorpio
  • Hot or Not: Smoking
  • Hair: Fine
  • Single or Taken: Unclear, he likes to stay low-key
  • Went on a date with a porn star once & thought no one would talk about it? YUP
  • Football Career:
    • Began as Tom Brady’s back-up on the New England Patriots
    • Traded to the 49ers and has been an incredible starter since
    • Amazing in third-down situations

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Overall, Jimmy G seems pretty cool. But how does he compare to his ultimate opponent?

Patrick Mahomes II of the Kansas City Chiefs

  • Fan nickname: “Patrick is ma’homie”
  • Nickname review: Could use work
  • Age: 24
  • Father: Patrick Mahomes, former MLB pitcher
  • Hometown: Tyler, Texas
  • College: Texas Tech
  • Sign: Virgo
  • Hot or Not: Hot
  • Hair: Defies physics
  • Single or Taken: Taken by high school sweetheart Brittany Matthews
  • Vegas Prop Bet About How Many Instas GF Will Post Sunday? That’s a thing
  • Football career:
    • Broke 10 NFL records (so far) in three seasons in the league
    • NFL MVP 2018
    • Legendary no-look passing ability

Are the Quarterbacks Friends?

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Awww, look how cute these two look as they soak in these surreal moments during the opening night of the Super Bowl. The friendly vibes are real: these two like each other.

Virgo Patrick tends to be a lot more shy than outgoing Scorpio Jimmy. Scorpios appreciate Virgos’ practicality and Virgos admire Scorpios’ devotion, making it likely these two would be BFFs off the field.

Of course, as Super Bowl rivals, they have to ignore all of that affection. Patrick will have to lean into his Virgo strengths of methodical, organized action as he always does. For his part, Jimmy should continue to use Scorpio’s subtle cleverness to make plays on the field.

Based on these stats, it’s time to let the people determine who is the superior of these two superstars. Vote now!

Who's the superior quarterback?