Is Pete Davidson a Father? Ex’s Insta Post Has Everyone Talking


Is Pete Davidson, the 26-year-old “SNL” star and budding actor, going to be a dad? Well, his model girlfriend Kaia Gerber’s recent Instagram post has prompted some fans to think so.

Take a look at the Instagram story for yourself and tell us what you think.

Instagram / kaia_jordan_gerber

18-year-old Gerber is holding a copy of the book “One Minute Mother” and captioned the post, “Read into this.”

Is Kaia Gerber Pregnant?

The answer is no — she’s probably trolling. Of course, Kaia herself is the only one who can tell us for sure. But a source close to Kaia told People magazine that she was just messing around.

It was “just a little tongue-in-cheek post,” the source said.

I guess Pete Davidson’s comedic talent hasn’t rubbed off on Kaia.

Speaking of which…

Are Pete Davidson and Kaia Gerber Still Together?

Not really, according to People.

“She cares about Pete and wants him to get better,” a source close to Kaia told E! News. “But their future is very much up in the air.”

Davidson said on an episode of “SNL” in December that he was going away for a bit.

He said of his little vacay, “You know, [it’s] the kind of vacation where like insurance pays for some of it and they take your phone and shoelaces.”

Davidson is not shy about his mental health disorders that cause him a lot of stress. We commend him for taking a break from his job and his relationships to focus on self-care.

An insider confirmed to E! that the relationship is ending so Pete can prioritize his mental health.

Another source told Page Six,  “It looks like Pete and Kaia are over. It got very overwhelming for Kaia. Pete has a certain M.O. and he’s very intense to his girlfriends. Kaia is only 18 and it’s a lot to deal with.”

Well, that’s not surprising. Remember when he got a tattoo for Ariana Grande, like, right when they started dating? And don’t even get me started on that whirlwind engagement and breakup.

Maybe one day these two will reunite and talk parenthood, but for now, they both seem to be doing well post-split.