Rapper Offset Detained by Police After Report of Gun in LA Shopping Center


Migos rapper Offset was detained by police at a Los Angeles shopping center on Wednesday evening.

Los Angeles Police officers detained the 28-year-old rapper, along with three others, after receiving a call claiming that someone was carrying a gun in the parking complex at The Grove.

Police Received a Report of Gun in Shopping Mall Parking Lot

Law enforcement sources say it was just before 8 pm when a call came in alleging that a group of people, aka Offset and his entourage, were walking around the parking lot with a weapon.

Police arrived at the scene to assess the situation, and decided to detain Offset and his group. But judging by how things went down, it doesn’t seem like Offset believed he had done anything wrong. He claimed that the person carrying the gun had already fled the scene.

Cardi B’s hubby clearly wasn’t too happy when police arrived and decided to slap cuffs on him.

“I didn’t break the law, man!” Offset shouted in the parking deck, before demanding to know why he was being handcuffed. “You gotta tell me now! It’s your job as an officer! You gotta tell me, you ain’t told me sh*t!”

That’s when the officer shoved him up against a wall.

Despite Offset’s claim, authorities did recover two guns from the scene. That’s when they took the rapper and three others down to the police station for further questioning.

Offset Was All Smiles as He Was Released From Custody

The Migos rapper was ultimately released from the police station just before midnight, after two of the guys who were detained with him admitted that the guns belonged to them. They were both charged as Offset got off scot-free.

One man was arrested for carrying a concealed firearm, while the other was arrested for possession of a firearm by a prohibited person.

Offset was suddenly all smiles on his way out of jail after having been detained by police for several hours. The rapper was seen saying that it was all a simple misunderstanding, and the cops just had the wrong guy.

“It’s good. We fixed it up. It ain’t nothing, it wasn’t me,” the rapper said on his way out.