Dog the Bounty Hunter Proposes to Moon Angell on ‘Dr. Oz Show’

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Is Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman ready to tie the knot again already?

Dog the Bounty Hunter, Duane Chapman
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Dog Seen Asking Moon Angell to Marry Him in Show Teaser

In a new promotion for Dog’s upcoming appearance on The Dr. Oz Show, the reality star is heard asking longtime friend Moon Angell to marry him, only seven months after his beloved wife Beth Chapman died of throat cancer complications.

The two have known each other for quite some time, as Moon Angell was once Beth Chapman’s assistant and best friend.

However, rumors that Dog and Moon are more than just friends have been swirling ever since he posted an Instagram selfie of the two together a couple of weeks ago.

The rumors didn’t sit well with Dog’s daughter, Lyssa Chapman, who has openly disapproved of their relationship. She responded to a now-deleted report that the two were dating back in December. Lyssa lashed out at Moon, calling her a “disgusting woman,” and ignited a Twitter feud.

“Any person who moves in on a man weeks after losing his wife, who you were supposed to be a ‘friend’ to, is the lowest scum on the planet-Which for you wasn’t that far of a step down from where you were before,” Lyssa tweeted at Moon. “God will get you MARY !!!”

A source close to Dog has denied the rumors that Dog and Moon are dating, saying that “Moon has been a family friend to Beth and Dog for years.”

“Since Beth’s death, she has stepped in to help Dog in his time of need. There will never be another Beth,” the source added.

Dog himself went on record last summer to say that he’d promised his late wife that he wouldn’t ever get married again. But now, after Beth passed away, has Dog changed his mind?

Has Dog Changed His Mind on Getting Remarried?

The new teaser in question might lead some to believe so.

“I am a lot happier with her around,” Dog says of Moon, through his tears. And then he drops this shocking bombshell: “Moon Angell, will you marry me?”

The clip doesn’t show her response, but she is seen turning to Dog with a look of shock on her face.

The full episode of The Dr. Oz Show will air next week.