Juice WRLD’s Team to Release Rapper’s Unheard Tracks


The world could soon be getting a new album from Juice WRLD.

The late rapper reportedly had thousands of unreleased songs at the time of his death, and now his team is talking about the possibility of a posthumous release featuring those unheard tracks.

Juice’s Team Looking to ‘Pay Tribute’ to the Late Artist

Sources close to Juice’s team have told TMZ that the talented artist’s previously unreleased material is now at the center of discussions on how to best “pay tribute with his unheard work.” The team apparently has some ideas floating around, including some sort of posthumous album.

And there’s a lot of material, too. The sources say that Juice WRLD had an estimated 2,000 songs in the works before he passed away. As a creative, he was recording new material “constantly,” even when he was on tour.

While it is unclear how complete the unreleased tracks are, it looks like we could be hearing some of them soon.

This latest report comes less than a week after Juice’s family and team with Grade A Productions released a joint statement promising to share “unreleased music and other projects.” They also mention that a public tribute to Juice in Chicago is currently in the works.

Someone Leaked Unreleased Juice WRLD Songs 

Some managed to catch a glimpse of the new material last week after an unknown source uploaded 26 of the artist’s unreleased songs online. Juice’s team promptly removed the leaked content.

Most of his music was kept under lock and key, but he would sometimes download his tracks onto hard drives. It is believed that this leak could have stemmed from one of those.

Juice WRLD tragically died on December 8, 2019, just days after turning 21. He suffered a seizure from an accidental overdose at Midway Airport in Chicago, and later passed at the hospital.

It was confirmed that Juice WRLD swallowed “multiple narcotics” in an effort to hide them as federal agents searched his private plane.