Celebrities Who Suffered from Depression – Is Your Crush Okay?

Every day there is a new movie coming out that stars your favorite actors. Often times their character is the opposite of who they are, so they must transform themselves into someone they’re not.

What happens when they’ve transformed themselves so much, they forget who they really are? Unfortunately, this may cause depression within them.

Silent and Untold Battles

Dwayne ¨The Rock¨ Johnson is one of Hollywood´s highest-paid actors. He has been quite open with embracing positivity in life and wanting his fans to always be happy.

Johnson explained in an interview his reasoning behind wanting people to be happy and to embrace life through its ups and downs.

While he was 15 years old, he stopped his mother from committing suicide in front of him. He explained that he never knew his mother suffered from depression and believed it was linked to him getting it later on.

Johnson believes that men are prone to hiding their emotions more because that’s what he did, but he would like for them to know it’s okay to open up and to just let it out.