Can “Fast & Furious” Get Car Insurance? Reasons Why It’s Impossible

If you’re a fan of fast driving, love triangles, and customized cars, then you’ve seen the Fast and Furious movie franchise.

If you haven’t, then what are you waiting for?

Damages and Coverages

It seems like in every scene there is a high-speed chase that involves customized cars and police. Car insurance for them would be downright impossible.

For starters, the character Dom Toretto would be driving his customized car and would be speeding, which means his accident rate would be high.

Cars that are customized in real life are difficult to insure because they have had wild paint jobs, super-powered engines, and multiple high-performance enhancements.

It would become complicated and pricey to insure because Toretto would need to let his insurance carrier know any and all modifications that were done to his car.

To have the upgrades covered by insurance, he would need to pay extra for each part that was customized.

Also, the other main characters steal their cars, so there wouldn’t be any need to try and put a stolen car on insurance, especially since it isn’t in their name.