Athletes Living with Arthritis – The One You Least Expected

Athletes are sometimes mistaken as immortal and are placed on the highest pedestal. In some cases, they can live forever in your heart but in other cases, they can become ill and no longer play.

One of the most famous athletes, Shaquille O’Neal, has played basketball since the early 1990´s. He has since retired, however during his time playing, he suffered many injuries, some being long-lasting.

Suffering or Pushing Through the Pain?

O´Neal has won four NBA championships and multiple other awards all while suffering from arthritis in his big toe.

He was diagnosed while still in the league and decided to push through his pain, so that he wouldn’t let his fans and supporters down.

O´Neal believes that his arthritis was caused by constant years of running, jumping, and overusing his large body and feet.

He weighs over 320 pounds and wears a size 23 shoe size, which made pressure over time build up and caused his toe to get arthritis.