Kim Kardashian Sued For Posting Photo of Herself and Kanye

@kimkardashian / @saeed.bolden via Instagram

Kim Kardashian West is facing a lawsuit after posting a photo of herself and hubby Kanye West on her personal Instagram.

The reality star just wanted to show the world how much she and Kanye love each other, but now she’s getting more than she bargained for.

Kim Kardashian's Instagram photo next to the same photo from original photographer Saeed Bolden
@kimkardashian / @saeed.bolden via Instagram

Kim and Kanye “Got Love” and a Lawsuit

Kim K posted the photo in question back in October of 2018. It’s a tender shot of Kim and Kanye smiling candidly. Kim’s gaze toward her husband is definitely one of love.


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❤️We Got Love ❤️

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Instagram users were feeling the love, too. More than 2.2 million people have liked the post.

There’s one person who doesn’t like it, though, and he’s suing Kim over it.

Saeed Bolden, a photographer currently based in New York, says he snapped the pic, and is therefore the owner of it. According to the lawsuit, Saeed says he never gave the reality star permission to use his photo, nor did she compensate him for it.

Look, if I managed to snap a rare photo of Kanye smiling, I’d want to claim ownership, too!

Saeed doesn’t name a specific price in the suit, but says he’s suing for any profits that Kim made from the Instagram post, plus punitive damages.

Saeed posted the original image to Instagram back in June 2018. Judging by the tags, it looks like he took it at a listening party in Queens for an album Nas was dropping (Kanye produced the entire album).

Other Photographers Who Sued Celebs

This isn’t the first time this has happened. Many photographers have sued celebs for posting photos of themselves on social media.

Model Gigi Hadid has been sued three times for copyright infringement in connection with images she posted to Instagram. You’d think she would learn by now!

Justin Bieber was slapped with a copyright infringement lawsuit for posting a photo of himself and friend Rich Wilkerson. New York-based photographer Robert Barbera said the star used the photo without consent or compensation.

Robert Barbera was the same photographer who sued Ariana Grande after she posted candid photos of herself carrying merch from the release of her Sweetener album. Turns out, Barbera snapped those photos, too.