Kim Kardashian Slams Kylie, Calls Her Makeup ‘Cheap S**t’

Youtube | Kylie Jenner

The Kardashian clan is known for being highly competitive, and that was made even more clear during a recent Youtube video that Kylie Jenner posted on Tuesday night.

In the video, Kim Kardashian was very quick to tell Kylie that one of the products from her makeup line was “cheap s**t.”

Kylie Jenner puts makeup on her sister Kim Kardashian
Youtube | Kylie Jenner

Kim Kardashian Slams Kylie Jenner

Although Kim’s words were harsh, you have to admit that the video is actually kind of cute. In it, Kim offers herself up as a blank slate for her sister, Kylie, to practice her makeup skills on.

Kim wears her favorite black leather pants and a tight-fitting black top in the video, while Kylie dons an equally form-flattering black and white dress.

Kylie leans over to apply a setting spray on her big sister’s skin, saying, “I love a bright inner corner, so I like to spray…this is a new one.” She then appears to get a little upset, saying, “Why the f*** is this not working?”

It’s at this moment that Kim lovingly suggests that the quality of Kylie’s makeup isn’t quite up to expected standards. Kylie continues to wrestle with the spray bottle, saying, “What the f***,” once again.

Eventually, Kylie’s able to make the setting spray work correctly.

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Kylie Jenner Makes Another Big Oops

Unfortunately for poor Kylie, she has yet another snafu during the video when she accidentally pulls off one of Kim’s fake eyelashes. Oops!

They were able to use this moment to add levity to the video, saying that perhaps they could give the eyelash to an assistant as a keepsake. They also make a wish on the fallen lash.

Kylie Jenner accidentally pulls out one of Kim Kardashians eyelashes
Youtube | Kylie Jenner

It’s very Kardashian/Jenner to not know the rules of making wishes––never say them out loud! But alas, the sisters continue, allowing us in on their inner hopes and dreams.

Kim Kardashian makes her wish, saying, “I just wished I would beat you in Instagram again. Now I know my wish won’t come true.”

It was earlier this month that Kylie beat her big sister in having the most followers on Instagram.

The student has become the teacher!