Tom Hanks’ Suggestive Gestures Made a ‘Splash’ at SAG Awards


Tom Hanks––one of the most universally-loved actors for his gentle demeanor, good humor and overall cool-dad vibes––has ruined the internet’s collective innocence by performing an obscene gesture during an interview.

OK, maybe it wasn’t intended to be obscene, but the Twitterverse’s mind went straight to the gutter when Hanks mimicked shaking a martini tumbler, and, well, talk about “Big.”


This incident makes you think a little different about Hanks’ “Toy Story” character, Woody.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s SAG Awards Interview

Tom Hanks and his wife of 32 years, Rita Wilson, stopped to talk to People magazine at the SAG awards in Los Angeles on Sunday night, where all the stars were showing off their best looks.

Hanks was nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his performance as Mister Rogers in “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.”

But then, when asked what their perfect date night is, the couple responded that a quiet night at home with a movie and a drink is the best. This is when Tom got graphic.

The Hand Gesture That Ruined Our Lives

What happened next gave the entire internet that special pain you experience when your parents’ obliviousness is displayed in all its glory.

It wasn’t quite as bad as T.I. telling the world he checks his daughter’s hymen to make sure she’s not having sex. It was clear that Hanks had no idea that his hand gestures looked a lot like “That Thing You Do!”

It was honestly hilarious to watch Hanks aggressively manhandle his pretend martini tumbler. Many people compared it to the infamous Shake Weight commercials that were notoriously suggestive.

Watch the clip for yourself! Let’s just say we know now why Hanks played the train conductor in “The Polar Express.”

The agility. The passion. The excitement in his face. It all feels so real.

It’s no wonder Tom Hanks was so “Sleepless in Seattle.”

Oh Tom, thank you for this delightful moment. We’ll stop making fun of you now and show an actually wholesome moment from Sunday night.

During a different interview, Hanks’ “Catch Me if You Can” costar Leonardo DiCaprio walked by, and the two shared an adorable hug.