Vote Now: Cardi B Goes Medieval at Fashion Week, Who Wore It Better?

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Two of the Migos, Offset and Quavo, were in France on Thursday to celebrate Offset’s debut at Men’s Fashion Week in Paris. Of course, Offset’s loving wife Cardi B was also there to support.

Quavo got mad and punched a random dancer at an afterparty at the Palais Maillot nightclub in a video obtained by TMZ. No reports are in on what the beef was––maybe the dancer dissed Offset’s threads?

But Quavo losing his temper isn’t anything new. What we really need to talk about is something much more serious––Cardi B’s outfit.

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Cardi B Goes Medieval at Paris Fashion Week

The sheer body suit is very Kim Kardashian, and the faux-fur coat is kind of awesome, but THE FACE MASK. What is happening?


Don’t @ me on this one: Cardi B looks exactly like Thelonius, Lord Farquaad’s trusted executioner from “Shrek.”

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Cardi, presumably unable to communicate except through emphatic grunting while wearing her helmet, took to Instagram to tell her husband how proud she was.

Instagram / iamcardib

“Congrats babe on your bomb a** fashion clothing collab with @chazajordan. I am so proud of you! From filming on two shows, recording and working on so many other things. The d*ck feels better when is coming from a hard working man. I love you,” she wrote.

How petrified does Offset look? Can you imagine when Cardi showed him this look for the first time? Do you think he thought he was being robbed?

Is ‘Street Ski’ Cool Now?

Yes. Apparently, Cardi B is actually very on-trend with this look. An aesthetic called “street ski” is starting to pop, according to The Strategist.

Gwenyth Paltrow and Goop recently teamed up with professional skier Thierry Donard to create a “Slope-to-Streetwear” collection. Because everyone knows that the most universal fashion problem is when you just want to spend all day shredding, but then you immediately have to hit the street.

People have to go to work, Gwen. Who skis this much?

But you can see the look in more subtle pieces like sunglasses, the way Billie Eilish does it:

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So I guess it’s only a matter of time before we’re all dressing in chainlink armor and puffy snowsuits. I, for one, cannot wait.

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