Which Phone Does Your Favorite Celebrity Have?

So it’s the 21st century and what matters most is what kind of phone you have. There are two teams in this day and age, team iPhone and team android.

Have you ever thought about what team your favorite celebrity may be on?

Ellen DeGeneres

One of America’s favorite talk show hosts has been known to walk around with multiple phones but true fans know her go-to is Samsung.

DeGeneres at one point went viral with a star-studded selfie that was taken with a Samsung during a magical night at the Oscars.

Jay Z

Rapper and business mogul, Jay Z currently has an iPhone, however, he has previously been known to partner with Samsung.

When his album “Magna Carta Holy Grail” was completed he released one million copies to only Samsung users.

David Beckham

No, he’s not bending it like Beckham, he is, however, bending the norm for celebrities to use androids.

Beckham is one of the few celebrities to have an iPhone and to go back to Samsung. He believes the power and internet usage is better.

Beckham has influenced many of your celebrity crushes to covert to changing their phones, meaning he scored a great goal.