Vote Now: #OscarsSoWhite? Celebs Slam Stephen King’s ‘Backward and Ignorant’ Tweets


Acclaimed author Stephen King came under fire Tuesday morning for a series of tweets he posted about how he casts his Oscar votes as a member of the Academy. Angry responses came from all sides, some of the most notable being from award-winning filmmaker Ava DuVernay.

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#OscarsSoWhite Is Back Again

The hashtag #OscarsSoWhite first began trending in 2015 after the Academy, for the second year in a row, failed to nominate any actors of color for Academy Awards. Jada Pinkett Smith and Spike Lee boycotted the 88th annual Oscars that year.

Now, the hashtag is trending again as Cynthia Erivo, who played Harriet Tubman in “Harriet,” is the only person of color to be nominated in the acting categories.

People want to know: Where is J. Lo’s nomination for “Hustlers” ? How about Zhao Shuzhen or Awkwafina for “The Farewell” ? Or Lupita Nyong’o for Jordan Peele’s “Us” ?

Basically, as usual, white men are getting most of the shine in most categories.

Stephen King’s Thoughts on Diversity

Stephen King, who is 72 years old, decided to share his thoughts as a member of the Academy.

He went on to clarify that he believes we need to give individuals of all sexes, races, and orientations a fair shot in the artistic world, and that there is terrible underrepresentation of diverse voices.

He continued, “You can’t win awards if you’re shut out of the game.”

Celebs Respond to King’s Tweets

Unsurprisingly, many people had a lot to say about King’s controversial statements.

In 2017, Ava Duvernay (47) was the first black female director to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture. She was nominated for her documentary about the prison-industrial complex in America, “13th.”

Roxane Gay, who is a critically-acclaimed author like King (and notably, one who identifies as bisexual and is of Haitian descent), also had some thoughts.

Fans flocked to King’s defense, arguing that his tweet thread, while tactless, ultimately argued for greater representation of diverse voices. DuVernay and Gay both dismissed the arguments as ignorant.

DuVernay in particular joked about her irritation with the level of “mansplaining and whitesplaining” going on in the Twitterverse.

What do you think: Do you agree with Stephen King, or Ava DuVernay?

Who do you agree with, Stephen King or Ava DuVernay?