Jobs Celebrities Had Before They Were Famous

It gets hard trying to imagine your favorite actor with a life before they were acting. Some actors were born into the industry, but many had lives and worked a regular 9-5.

Surprising right? Well, check what out these celebrities used to do.

Steve Buscemi

This well-known actor was once a firefighter. Buscemi not only fought fires and turned to acting as a regular profession but at one point he returned to his brothers in blue.

During the 9/11 attack, Buscemi returned to the front line to assist with finding survivors and putting out fires. He believed helping his brothers was the least he could do.

Jim Carrey

The comedian and actor hit the big screen and pretty much every screen after that. Carrey began acting as a youth but that’s not all there is to the story.

In his younger years, Carrey quit school to take care of his family by working as a janitor. Although he rose to fame, he still believes working at places he didn’t love moved him into trying something he might.