Eligible for Medicare? These Celebrities Are

Aging isn’t what it used to be, where you see people retire and plant all day. In these changing times, celebrities tend to work more when they see gray hairs.

These celebrities are past 65 and are eligible for Medicare, but the questions is do they want it?

Lionel Ritchie

Although his smooth voice is still the same, Ritchie has reached the point of being on Medicare.

Medicare is a federal insurance program for seniors 65 and older. Ritchie is aging, however, so are his musical hits that are still being played today.

Meryl Streep

If you have a tv or have a beating heart, the name Meryl Streep ring’s bells. Streep has been on screen for most of her life and continues to grace her presence on-air with ease.

As she transitions into a new phase in her life, she has stated that she is open to aging and still acting. Being classified as a senior eligible for Medicare has yet to stop her or her fellow aging peers.